Dry N Shine Is Hamilton’s Premium

Car Wash and Auto Spa

At Dry N Shine, we make sure your car gets nothing but the best treatment.
Our state-of-the-art car wash in Hamilton, Ontario, is more than just somewhere to clean your vehicle – it’s a spa for your car. We provide a truly premium car wash experience.

The Dry N Shine Approach

On average, we spend about four years of our lives behind the wheel. When you spend that much time in a place, you want to enjoy being there. We get it. At Dry N Shine, we treat your vehicle the same way we treat our own.

Dry N Shine isn’t just our name, it’s also the state-of-the-art process that we use to clean your vehicle. Our team has carried out extensive research and developed a car wash experience that’s guaranteed to leave your car looking its very best.

At Dry N Shine Auto Spa, we strive to create the ultimate car wash experience with our 160 ft state of-the-art tunnel wash that consists of industry leading technology. Every car wash begins with a conveyor belt system instead of a traditional chain conveyor, making for a smooth and super easy entrance – just put your car in neutral and enjoy the glide! As you glide down the tunnel, you will notice that we do not use traditional cloth brushes. Our system uses closed cell foam brushes to make sure only the best is touching your vehicle.

Also we use a sophisticated water filtration and regeneration system as well as biodegradable cleaning solutions to ensure no harsh chemicals come into contact with your vehicle or our environment.

The Dry N Shine Process

Dry N Shine uses only the best equipment the industry has to offer, meaning every time your car is cleaned by us, it’s like a sensory experience for your vehicle. The Dry N Shine process is a better way to care for your car.

Four unique packages mean we’ve got you covered whether you want a low-cost wash and rinse or a deep clean auto spa experience.

Our top-of-the-line Ultimate Dry N Shine experience is what we’re known for. Our Dry N Shine Super Finish process will make your car gleaming with a spot-free finish.

We also offer an Ultimate Touchless Wash as well as Standard Wash and Dry, and Advanced Shine options to suit your budget.

Get the full details on all our wash packages on our Services page.

Dry N Shine Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission is to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with your car wash experience. We’re so confident you will be, that we’ll wash your car again for free if not. Simply present a wash receipt from the same day to an on-site manager.

Our values are quality, integrity, fairness, and respect – all coming together to ensure our customers are completely satisfied every time they visit Dry N Shine. Quality in that our work is second to none; integrity in that we always do the right thing and strive to be the best; fairness in that we offer good prices for an outstanding service; and respect in that we treat every car that we wash as if it were our own and we treat the environment with the utmost care.

Our vision is to be the first place people think of when their car needs washed, and to grow Dry N Shine’s reputation as the premium auto spa location in Hamilton.










Frequently Asked Questions

Dry N Shine Unlimited packages are fantastic value for anyone who washes their car more
than a few times a month, and they also make a great gift for any car enthusiasts in your life. Members are entitled to unlimited washes, only limited to once per day. Find out about our Unlimited Wash Packages.

At Dry N Shine, we use only the very best equipment and products. And we promise to
wash your car again for free if you’re not entirely satisfied. Simply show a same-day receipt to an on-site manager.

Yes. As a thank-you to our customers, we offer free use of our on-site vacuum cleaners. It’s all part of the Dry N Shine service.

Yes you can. We’ve teamed up with Valvoline who can change your oil right here on site at Dry N Shine.

Yes. Our process ensures no water is wasted, and that used water is filtered to remove sediments before it reaches the sewer. Some of the used water is also treated and reused on site.

Absolutely. We love dogs as much as we love cars. So why not bring your furry friend along for some pampering.

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With Dry N Shine?

Working at Dry N Shine is a rewarding experience.
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